Finding New Ground and Greater Focus

Jan 2, 2020 4:21:46 PM / by John Cockburn-Evans

It is time to get excited about the start of this decade. Opportunities abound, I am a great believer in the concept of "Abundance" which means there is enough work around for everyone if you look for it. I have posted recently about the need for deeper conversations on social media and elsewhere. It is hard to be creative, deliver new content all the time, but  it is about making connections between the old and the new and braking artificial or perceived walls. One of the reasons I am so passionate about "lean" thinking, is that the concepts can be applied everywhere, because it is about  productivity. The new technologies, whether it be Artificial Intelligence, I.o.T.  or anything under the banner of Industry 4.0, are all about productivity. 

Some fear productivity improvement  because there is a sense that this will replace jobs or employment. Technology is creating new jobs, and hopefully new intellectual rewards. I am encouraged by the rise of STEM in our schools and  colleges.  A new STEM centre has been created as part of my home town college and others are going up in the region.  Our jobs will become more technology focused. This should hopefully mean a move away from the more transnational and mundane tasks.  However it is critical that the new jobs don't follow the "Click without Think" process . This is why I am also encouraged by the continued success of the "Creative Computing Club" in our region which has been extremely successful in getting  children and teens engaged in programming. The birth  and adoption of Lean allowed those people on the shop floor to get involved with process re-design and improvement, so let's hope the same happens with the new technology. We perform at our best when our brains our stretched  (video link) appropriately. An ethos of productivity will drive creativity and vice versa.  

This approach will drive personal productivity and team productivity.   It will also allow us to find new ground and renew our focus. 

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John Cockburn-Evans

Written by John Cockburn-Evans