What does Productivity Encompass ?

Jun 13, 2019 10:00:00 AM / by John Cockburn-Evans

This is an expanding question because it encompasses everything we do. I have to stay mindful with my work, such that I don't get buried in the historical roots of lean manufacturing. At Aspire2BLean, we analyse the business situation and provide solutions for the traditional process wastes, but also look at the innate connections with energy losses, effluent and inefficient business processes. We are now looking at the digital interfaces and aspects of our daily work.

 We have to go way beyond these fundamental processes, and look into the dimensions of personal productivity as a subset of business efficiency.  This will have a significant impact on the overall goal of waste reduction. Within this area we have to go deeper and analyse the interaction with the person and machine. Nothing earth shattering, as it about the ability to train and guide staff on new hardware, which we have been doing for some time. We must get to the point where our personal ability to  connect effectively with the computers and digital interfaces improves, and our understanding is greater. It is not just about bespoke software for equipment, but the ability to deal with packages like Office 365, CRM and project management software. All of these touch points are opportunities for a loss in efficiency. I have tried to visualise this in a simple animation. 

Holisitc Productivity


Let's go deeper and truly understand all the waste, both obvious and hidden. Staff need to engage with systems, not fear them. As leaders we need to be cognisant of people's capabilities and the need for proper system understanding, not just training.

If you want to know how to analyse and get to the detail, and ultimately eliminate significant portions of your wastes, please contact us, where we can guide and help.

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John Cockburn-Evans

Written by John Cockburn-Evans